Sam van Strien

White charcoal rubbing, laser etching, black paper, plywood.

“I am driven by the question of how – and where – we experience architecture. I am interested in examining how we see, experience and interpret the architecture around us, and how my work complicates this relationship for the viewer. My work engages with these questions through both my direct and mediated experiences. This results in works that use rubbings of architecture, and the photographs and texts that I find in architects’ archives. The work, shown together, as artefact and image, questions if architecture can be adequately represented in images or texts, or if it exists only as concrete matter, as a place we can touch and see. Through these strategies, I articulate the tactile and visual limits of the public experience of buildings that are encountered during everyday urban life, yet largely remain inaccessible and unknown to most city dwellers.” – Sam van Strien

See more of Sam’s work here!

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