Existential Marks @ ADA Gallery

Nick Fagan’s works exist at just about every point along the spectrum between freestanding sculpture and two-dimensional painting. Ranging from psychedelic to pointedly mundane, his pieces tend to demonstrate a sense of humor, sometimes expressed via references to cartoons. Fagan continuously finds new ways to play with negative space, whether by means of an abstract sculpture resembling the contours of a brass instrument or a more traditional painting, with a chunk of the canvas missing just for good measure.

In Existential Marks, continues to explore negative space and to use humorous motifs to address darker themes. In two of the pieces, for instance, a rabbit bearing an unmistakable resemblance to Bugs Bunny peers into the void, then enters it. Ranging from abstract to quite literal, Fagan’s forms are decorated with everything from metal bars to fragments of photographs and sketches, some of which the artist describes as “drawings from a time of anxiety.” The eclectic assortment of salvaged wood Fagan has chosen as his raw material for these pieces gives the viewer a sense of looking down, even when viewing the works head-on, and the elements of his collage appear as if they simply landed there. Elsewhere, Fagan opts for crisp, white brush strokes that sometimes track the elegant curves of the sculpture and sometimes seem to be only part of a larger image, extending into the blank space beyond.”

Fagan received his BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2014 and went on to receive an MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from the Ohio State University in 2017. Fagan’s most recent solo exhibitions Mundane and Making Authority appeared at ADA Gallery as well as Versa in Chattanooga. ADA has featured his work in three different group exhibitions: 15 YRS! Everybody In The Pool! (2018), Fine Line (2018), and Untitled Art Fair Miami (2017). His work has also appeared in Encounters with Good Children Gallery (New Orleans, LA), GOT IT FOR CHEAP with Western Exhibitions (Chicago, IL), Destroy Your Eyes with Baby Blue Gallery (Chicago, IL), Gingerblue with Feast Gallery (Fayetteville, AR) and Open Yards with YARDS projects (Cleveland, OH).

Photos courtesy the artist & ADA Gallery.

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