Blind Vanities @ Rick Banger Gallery

Rick Banger is proud to present new work by Allison Lacher and Jeff Robinson: Blind Vanities is a brand new work made as a site specific project for Rick Banger Gallery. 

In Blind Vanities Lacher and Robinson play a skewed game of ‘catch me if you can’. The audience is invited to snatch a glimpse through a window devoid of transparency, catch themselves in a mirror negated of its reflection and and brush against textural elements flattened through the online screen. 

The work presents the notion of a house, a facade visible to any passer by but occluding what lies within. In normal circumstances we might peer in through the window of the mansion at the end of the cul-de-sac, have a stolen look into the lives of others but here we are denied.

In the online gallery, the bastion of flatness, we are negated the pleasure of peering past the curtains, unable to see what is within or even see ourselves reflected. Expecting to see something in it, in Blind Vanities there is nothing there. 

Allison Lacher is an artist and curator based in Springfield, IL. She is the Exhibitions Manager at the University of Illinois Visual Arts Gallery and she is a founding member of the artist-owned gallery Monaco in St. Louis, MO. In 2013 she Co-founded DEMO Project, a space for contemporary art in Springfield, IL, and served as Co-director of the space until its demolition in 2018.

Jeff Robinson is an artist and curator based in Chicago and Springfield, Illinois. He holds an MFA from Illinois State University. Robinson has exhibited independently and collaboratively at numerous venues including Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago), RomanSusan (Chicago), Ski Club (Milwaukee), University Galleries of Illinois State University (Normal), Outhaus (Urbana), and E. Tay (New York). 

Images courtesy the artists.

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